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Originally born, raised and trained in Switzerland, Beat Schwaller, also known as Timber King Beat, of the HGTV television reality series, Timber Kings, came to Canada in 1993 after successfully completing his education and apprenticeship in carpentry. His desire was to master the art of log building and expand his love of creating beautiful structures from massive wood.

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Centuries Old Craftsmenship

My goal is to present you with the most up-to-date techniques and details of the modern handcrafted log construction industry, teaching you knowledge to either build your own cabin or give you the foundation for finding a job in the log home building industry.

- Beat Schwaller, Master Craftsman, Instructor

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The unBEATable School of Log Construction is situated in the heart of the Cariboo Chilcotin, one of the most beautiful areas in not only British Columbia, but in Canada. It is the ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts with ample lakes, rivers, trails, mountains and the activities that go along with them.

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